Brief: Produce a piece of artwork to hang in the the new student facilities building at the University of Birmingham’s Medical School. The process should include the students in some way plus reflect the School’s large cultural diversity.

My approach: The logical place to start was to talk to the students and Professor June Jones to get their perspectives on what it means to be studying to become a doctor. What struck me was the dedication needed to start what would be a long road to become a medical practitioner, with the course itself being an intensive five years to graduate followed by years of further on the job training.

The final vision for the piece came to me while sitting in London Euston train station, watching the ebb and flow of people going about their journeys through life. I was afforded a brief glimpse at that moment into their world and there was almost a rhythm to the movement, as from my perspective they became one in a snapshot from a Broadway show.

I asked the students to dress in whatever they felt summed up their cultural identity to them, so each could tell their own story. I think it’s the sort of piece that would very much appeal to Baz Lurman!